Average Notes 1
Average (Notes) New An average, or more accurately an arithmetic mean, is the sum of n different data divided by n. For example, if a batsman scores 41, 51 and 43 runs in first, second and third match respectively, then
Average Related to speed (Notes-2)
Average Related to speed (Notes-2) Theorem (1) : If a person travels a distance of a speed of x km/hr and the same distance at a speed of y km/hr, then the average speed during the whole journey is given by
Height and Distance
Height and Distance Angles of Elevation  and Depression : Suppose we are viewing an object. The line of sight or the line of vision is a straight line from our eye to the object we are viewing. * if the
Trigonometry (Note-1) Pythogoras theorem : In a right- angled triangle, the square of hypotenuse is sum of the squares of the base and the perpendicular.
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