Statement Assumptions
Logical Reasoning Statement Assumptions (Notes New) Statement : Something which is told or expressed in the sentence is called statement. Assumption :
Mixture and Allegation
Mixture & Allegation (Notes) New Allegation is the rule that enables us :- (i) To find the mean or average value of mixture when the prices of two or more ingredients which may be mixed together and the proportion in which they are mixed are given (= Allegation Medial); and
Mathematical Operations
Mathematical Operations (Notes new) These questions are based on VBODMAS. V- Vinculum B- Brackets O- Of
Statement and Courses of Action (Notes New)
Logical Reasoning Statement & Courses of Action (Notes New) * To solve questions on ‘courses of action’ first of all decide whether it is a ‘problem solution’ or ‘fact-follow up action’ type * If it is ‘Problem solution’ then accept the suggested course of action,
Alphabet Test
Alphabet Test (Notes New) 1        2        3        4        5        6        7        8        9        10      11      12      13      A       B       C       D      
Dice (Notes New) Cube : Closed figure which is composed of 6 square surface is called cube. Cuboid : Closed figure which is composed of 6 rectangular surface is called cuboid. Dice : When some numbers or points are printed
Coding- Decoding
Coding- Decoding (Notes New) In this type of questions, an expression is given in coded form. You have to answer the given question by decoding the code of the expression. Coding : Something written in special form in codes is called coding.
Clock (Notes) New Some Important facts * Angle made by an hour hand of a clock in 1 hour is 30°. * Angle Made by min hand of a clock in 5 minutes = 30°
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