Noun Part 1

NOUN (Part 1)

“Noun is a naming word.” OR “A noun is a word used as the name of a person, place or thing.”

e.g., Katrina, Marker, Jaipur, Sweetness, Copper, Cow etc.

Rule 1: Nouns always Plural

Following Nouns are always used in Plural Number; so plural verbs are used with them.

Removing –s from these words and using them as Singular Noun is wrong.

Alms, thanks, species, scissors, trousers, pants, tongs, gallows, goggles, spectacles, archives, arrears, athletics, auspices, belongings, binoculars, billiards, congratulations, earnings, fetters, fireworks, lodgings, mumps, outskirts, particulars, proceedings, regards, remains, savings, surroundings, troops, tactics, valuables, wages, works, etc.

e.g., Fireworks of Shivkashi are famous.               

What are your monthly earnings?

He lives on the outskirts of the city.

Rule 2: Nouns Always Singular

Following Nouns are always used in Singular Number.

Poetry, scenery, machinery, stationery, crockery, jewellery, baggage, luggage, postage, wastage, knowledge, furniture, money, information etc.

e.g., Kashmir is famous for its colourful scenery. (not sceneries)

It is an anthology of poetry. (not poetries).

All the machinery has been imported from Korea. (not machineries)

Note: To show the singular number and plural number of these nouns(a) ‘a piece of/ an item of/ an article of’ is used for Singular Number (b) ‘pieces of/ items of/ articles of / kinds of’ are used for Plural Numbers. These phrases are used before the Noun but the Noun is kept Singular e.g.,

(a) I have a piece of information for you.                             

This item of your furniture is really beautiful.

(b) All pieces of information given by him are wrong.     

All kinds of furniture are available here.

Rule 3: Nouns Plural in Form but Singular in Use

Following Nouns seem to be Plural but they are always used in Singular Number and hence Singular Verb is used.

News, Innings, Ethics, Politics, Mechanics, Mathematics, Physics, Economics, etc.

Mathematics is an interesting subject.                  

Ethics makes the basis of good life.

Politics has lost its moral character.                         

Rule 4: Nouns Singular in Form but Plural in Use

Following Nouns seem to be Singular but they are always used as Plural Number and hence Plural Vrbs are used with them.

Cattle, Gentry, Clergy, Infantry, Cavalry, Peasantry, Yeomanry, Poultry, Nobility, Children, etc.

The cattle are grazing in the field.            

Our cavalry are not strong.

Following Nouns remain same in both the Numbers and are used in both Numbers. There is no need to add s /es with them to make their Plural.

Swine, vermin, mankind, police, public

The police has been informed.                 

The police have taken action.